Free School Meal Questionnaire for School staff


1. Free School Meals Survey


Up to now all families in receipt of Universal Credit have been able to receive Free School Meals. The Government has recently proposed new rules which will restrict entitlement to Free School Meals to children and young people living in households where earnings are under £7,400 per year.
The Children’s Society would like to hear about your experiences of students’ hunger in school and your views on who should receive Free School Meals.
We think it’s crucial that the Government understands the impact these changes could have on school life for many children and young people. Your responses will help represent this in our work to challenge cuts to Free School Meals entitlement

About Us
We are a national charity that works with the country's most vulnerable children and young people. We listen. We support. We act. Because no child should feel alone.

The survey is anonymous, we do not ask for your name or the school you work in. By responding to the survey you are consenting to The Children’s Society using the data collected.